The following text is copied from the original source. It describes software I implemented while working at RTI International.

Residents respond enthusiastically to information about Olutindo

Kayunga District residents at the Olutindo launch (photo credit: Claire Gowen)

On December 12, 2011, Kayunga District in Uganda launched a new customer service that enables citizens to notify District officials of concerns with public services in health, education, or public works through SMS text messaging. Citizens can send an SMS with their location (village, clinic, school) and problem or message to 7333. This will create a "trouble ticket" which will be routed to a district health, education, or public works official. The district official will acknowledge the ticket and send updates to the original sender as the problem is resolved.

Flier distributed at Olutindo launch

Flier distributed at Olutindo launch

Each district health, education, and public works official is equipped with a small 3G tablet that will enable communications about a problem even when away from the office. The tablet software has been developed using Coconut. When the software is running on the tablet, the main screen displays a searchable listing of incoming trouble tickets:

Screenshot of home page of Olutindo application running on a tablet

Clicking the link to the record opens a view of the citizen's request:

Screenshot of a citizen request in Olutindo

RTI initiated this pilot project with the cooperation of the Kayunga District Chairperson and designed the software, which is open source. For questions about this project, please contact Claire Gowen (cgowen@rti.org).

Original source: http://ictedge.org/oluntindo

Published: January 16 2012

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